Mothers of Lost Children Tell Their Stories

Mothers holding deceased children’s pictures: seated (l-r) Linda Montgomery(Joel Harris Jr)Lavon Brown (LaBraBrown) Rosa Dukes(Broderick Johnson) standing (l-r) Angela Lindsey (catherine Lindsey) Cindy Cox (Matthew Cox) Helen Crawford

By Jacqueline Miles
Eight mothers and grand- mothers consoled talked and shared their pain with each other and friends as members of the communi- ty listened to the sufferings each went through.
“I raised my child right. He was just head strong. Nothing I said or did mat- tered to him. They say you aren’t supposed to whip your child. I did and it didn’t matter,” said Mrs. Helen Crawford.

As they talked, moth- ers voiced their opinions where they thought help should come. “Our minis- ters should be there to help us,” stated another mother. “When we need their help often times they tell us that it’s not their problem and that we should just move on. They don’t want to get involved. It has not come to their house yet.” She said. “Inside the four walls (the church) a lot of leaders are getting fat on the fatted calf. The real ministry is outside of the four walls, because everyone is not go- ing to come to church.” “I know it’s nobody but God that’s let me get through this,” said Mrs. Linda Montgomery. “When my son passed in November 2010, that was the worst thing that happened to me. When you have trials and tribulations, people want to say that you aren’t living
right. But I know that God will not put any more on you than you can bear,” said Montgomery.

When asked if they felt that being a part of this organization was helpful.
They all replied “yes.” It just helps to be able to come and have someone to share and understand what you are going through,” said Mrs. Montgomery. However, moms aren’t the only ones to suffer. Dad’s feel pain too. “I can say that we will be happy to see that the people who shot my son will be caught. Dads can come out too, to support the moms to let them know that they are not alone,” said Mr. Joel Harris Sr. “When they called me I couldn’t believe that this was happening. I really wish they would charge the guys. But law enforcement says even though people are telling them who shot my son, they say they must have solid proof.”

Joel Harris Jr. was shot in a car on the over- pass by the J. E. Hall Center November 2010.

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