Moultrie Announces Resignation from ECSD School Board



Superintendent of Schools Malcolm Thomas regretfully shares that Escambia School Board Member and Chair Linda Moultrie has made the decision to resign her position on the Board.

“Linda Moultrie has been an outstanding leader in our community, representing the students and their families in District 3, as well as the interests of the entire county, with professionalism, respect and compassion,” Superintendent Thomas said. “She has made this decision because it is what is best for her family and we will respect her wishes and support her as she makes this transition. She will be greatly missed by myself, the leaders of the District and the rest of the Board.”

Mrs. Moultrie was elected to the Escambia County School Board as the District 3 Representative in August 2008 and was re-elected in August 2010 Primary Election. She attended school in District 3. Mrs. Moultrie is the seventh child from a family of eleven children. Having a passion for education, she was the first in her family to graduate from high school and college. She is a proud mother of Escambia County graduates as well as the grandmother of ECSD graduates. Moultrie has also been involved in many community service organizations.

As the District 3 representative on the School Board, she represented Brentwood Elementary School, Brown Barge Middle School, Ensley Elementary School, Global Learning Academy, Lincoln Park Elementary School, Montclair Elementary School, Oakcrest Elementary School, Weis Elementary Community School, McMillan Center, Woodham Middle School and Pensacola High School

The District 3 seat on the School Board was scheduled to be up for election in 2018. It is up to the Governor to select a temporary representative from District 3 to hold the open seat until then. That selection has not been made as yet.

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