Mount Canaan Missionary Baptist Church Celebrates 60 Years

Sunday afternoon culminated the week-long celebration of Mount Canaan Missionary Baptist Church’s 60th Anniversary.

Beginning Tuesday night, the celebration began with Rev. W. H. Miller of First Baptist Church of Warrington delivering the message.  Elder Z. Nicholson was the Alternate and Rev. Willie Demps presided as Pulpit Conductor.

Though out the week, various pastors came to participate in the celebration.  Wednesday night the church heard the Word from Rev. Gary Bryant of New Hope Baptist Church with Rev. John Smith, Alternate.  Pulpit Conductor for the evening was Rev. Carl Reid.

Thursday evening Rev. Isaac Williams, Pastor of Greater True Vine Baptist Church spoke the Word and Rev. J. L. Savage was the Alternate.  Rev. J. H. Evans was the Pulpit Conductor.

Friday night Elder Myles Bryant Pastor of St. Matthew Baptist Church the Word and Rev. Floyd Peacock acted as the Alternate.  Rev. Moses Atwood conducted the Pulpit.

Sunday afternoon, Dr. Joseph Marshall ended the celebration with the Word and Dr. L. D. Wesley II, Moderator, acted as the Alternate with Rev. R Dean, Pulpit Conductor.

Ministers throughout the community came to give their expressions and wish the church and Pastor James Young well in all of his endeavors.

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