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Here is a little history on the first portable computer.

The laptop was invented by Adam Osborne in 1981. It was called ‘Osborne 1’ and cost $1,795. It came bundled with $1,500 worth of programs. It had a tiny computer screen built into it. It was invented by Osborne Computers.

The first portable computer was a success, with sales reaching 10,000 units a month. IBM launched the IBM 5155 Portable Personal Computer in 1984. In 1988, Compaq Computer launched the first laptop PC with VGA graphics, Compaq SLT/286. In 1989, NEC released Ultra Lite, which was the first ‘laptop’ computer. Weighting under 5 lbs, it was the precursor of today’s models.

As we know as time progresses so does technology.  With that in mind what we used to do in an office we now can do at home, what we now do at home we can do on the go.  In each passing era new devices are invented for the aid of mankind.  So Desktop Computers transition to Laptops, to Notebooks, to Netbooks, to Smart Phones.  The obvious is the decrease in size.  There are other things to be aware of also. Laptops are the closest you can get to a Desktop computer that is mobile.  A Notebook does not have all the capabilities as a Laptop and is less in size and weight. A Netbook has fewer capabilities than a Notebook and is less in size and weight, and so on with a Tablet and Smart phone.  Although each next generation in Information Technology (IT) the goal and challenge is; to have a portable device that can do the same things as a Desktop computer.

I wanted to have a portable device that I can send and receive telephone calls, access the Internet, use a mail program (Outlook), use Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Power Point and have the ability to access my desktop remotely.  A Windows Smart Phone would allow me to do that.  Would this eliminate my need for a Laptop?  No. In my profession I still need to download drivers, files, and programs for my clients and transfer them to an external hard drive and more.

So when you are looking for a portable computer or a better portable device research the limitations of the device as well as the designed purpose.  Make certain it will accomplish what you need it for.  If you need to print can it do that?  If you need both wire (Ethernet) and wireless (Wi-Fi) connection does it have the capability?

When the next era of mobile device is an embedded micro chip into the body; ask “will I be able to print with that device?”

I hope to accomplish that you know you are smarter than your computer, that the computer is a tool, and you are the master of that tool.  If you have any questions you would like answered in this column please send them to:

Until next month, safe computing.

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