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There are two types of E-Mail; they are web based and mail programs.  Web based mail is accessed through your internet browser.  You typically go to a dot com; as an example,,, and alike.  There you are able to log on by using your username and password to access your e-mail.  Mail programs are accessed by launching the mail program of your choice. The most common mail programs are Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora, Windows Mail, and Windows Live Mail.  To use a preferred mail client you need to know the specific protocol of your E-mail provider.  You can obtain this information from your web based mail provider.

When using a mail program depending on how you have it set up for leaving mail on the server or not you can still access your web based mail.  If you have it set up to leave a copy on the server your e-mail will be available in both places.  If you have it set up to remove the e-mail from the server then it will only be available from your mail program.  The exception to the rule is Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) server based providers.  However you will not have the ability to check sent mail.  Sent mail remains in the sent mail folder of the e-mail method that you used to send e-mail.  If you travel and do not have a portable device to acquire your e-mail you would probably would want to leave a copy on the server so you can access your old e-mail.  Keep in mind that if you are leaving a copy on the server you will have to access the web based mail provider and delete any unwanted e-mail unless you have your mail program set to delete mail from the server when you delete it from your mail program.

Mail programs are commonly protected by your computers antivirus program for e-mail that may be carrying a virus; whereas web based mail is dependent on your e-mail provider to scan your e-mail for a virus if it even does that. Your ability to control “Spam” is made available by most web based mail providers.  The term “spam” is Internet slang that refers to unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE) or unsolicited bulk e-mail (UBE).  In mail programs you can create rules for unsolicited commercial e-mail.  Depending on your choice of mail program you can setup specific inboxes for your preferred e-mail recipients.   Opposed to all your e-mail going to the general inbox you can specify an inbox for just that recipient.  It makes checking your e-mail easier and faster, because your mail is already sorted for you.  Any new mail will appear in the predetermined location as it would appear in your general inbox.

The sure and best way to send and receive mail is putting pen to paper and keep the postal service working.

What did the letter say to the stamp?  “You may be square but you really send me!”

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