Movement for Change Holds 14th Annual Banquet

On June 20, 2014 Movement for Change had their 14th Annual Freedom Is Not Free Banquet at It’s Personal by Sheila. The banquet is the fundraiser used to help the organization provide services to the community. Movement for Change was founded in 1997, and for the last 14 years has helped people in the community have a voice. They focus on programs that increase the knowledge and awareness of community issues, which affect the educational, economic, and social wellbeing of each citizen of Northwest Florida. It also provides advocacy for those citizens deprived of fairness and equitable treatment within the community.

This banquet was inspirational and sobering to all those that attended. People with different nationalities attended this banquet with one goal in mind. That is to help promote fairness in the community.

The keynote speaker, Perry E. Thurston, a democratic candidate for the state of Florida, was unable to attend due to the weather. It was stated that he will come in the near future and sponsor another banquet for Movement for Change. This banquet will be free to all of those that attended the banquet in support of Movement for Change fundraiser. Mr. Thurston’s topic will be on Academic Success in Education for Adults and Children in the Community. However, Jerry McIntosh delivered a moving speech in Mr. Thurston’s place and captivated audience. His speech was preceded by Nicole Dixon, the new Executive Director over the African American Chamber of Commerce (GCAACC), who also gave a speech on The Hard Knocks of Business and obtaining Education in Business. Ms. Dixon, extremely excited about the event and will soon become a member, stated that event was really well put together. She also stated that the GCAACC would be working with Movement for Change because GCAACC sees the benefits that are offered. Ms. Dixon said, “We want to work with all organizations because it affects not just businesses, but economic growth as a whole in the community.”

Look for great things in the future from this organization because Movement for Change is definitely on the move.

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