Movement for Change, Inc. Computer & Applications Camp 101 “Improving Our Students Through the World of Computers”



By: Manuel V. Huanosto, Jr

For the past 11 weeks, Movement for Change has been giving an opportunity for young students to enroll in the first annual Computer & Program Applications Camp 101. This course was originally designed to teach students how to navigate a computer as a personal tool using application software. This 11-week course covered the fundamentals of computers and Microsoft office application programs. Students have learned from turning on the computer on to navigating through the interface of Microsoft Office 2016. The course was designed to present the tool for our students. Movement for Change has set the tools for the students, so when they leave they will apply what they learned to the outside world.

On December 17, 2016, the Computer Camp 101 ended their first session. The kids have presented a gift to show the appreciation for them committing and attending.

Movement for Change will be offering their second camp beginning January 28th, 2017.

Movement for Change was officially founded in October 1997 and evolved from the grassroots efforts of an organization named, Progressive Alliance Community Equity Resources and Strategies (PACERS) and a committee that was formed to address renaming a Pensacola, Florida street in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as well as additional community issues regarding the rigid, defiant attitudes of city officials.

The goals of Movement for Change are to improve the prevailing disparities that exist in education, law enforcement, voting processes, variations of juvenile intervention and un-addressed solutions. The organization challenges the status quo, non-accountability of respective Escambia County elected officials, and empowers the community to make a difference.

If you wish to be a part of our camp, please call us at 850-432-4411.

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