Mr.Robbins Neighborhood Fundraising for the Youth

On Friday the 27th Cordova Lanes was host to an inspirational event for its athletic youth from the Mr. Robbins Neighborhood youth. With many from different schools in attendance, Fred and Tia Robbins, along with the help of their energetic team held the programs Inaugural Super Bowl Bonanza- Strike BIG for Kids Fundraiser!
Many were invited and many showed up to hang out and cheer on the different teams who were bowling for a cause. Live music was provided by DJ Cory and there were college football games going on as well as raffle drawings.
Students were paired with actual businesses while bowling, not only to get well connected with the business around town but also to learn what more they could do that was outside of sports.
When Mr. Robbins returned home from retirement he and his wife recognized that for every success story there were many more stories of young, talented athletes that had their dreams derailed; hence the inception of Mr. Robbins Neighborhood.
“Today’s event benefits our program called the playbook, which benefits our student athletes off the field. We always cheer them on while on the field so this program benefits them off the field,” said Tia Robbins. Tia Robbins Executive Director, is one of the co-chairs of the Inaugural super bowl bonanza. The Playbook offers ACT PREP, tutoring, mentorship and career exploration for their student athletes. “We are really developing tools and resources for our students. So tonight, we are raising money to continue that program so it’ll be free for our student athletes.” Robbins continued.
The Playbook started last year in 2016 making this the second year it’s been successfully continued.
Mr. Robbins Neighborhood also has a program called The GamePlan which is a free three-day career development and football camp for local high school football players, primarily from underfunded schools and low-income neighborhoods. The program is designed to arm athletes with the knowledge and tools to succeed in athletics from a business and skills perspective, while also helping them recognize what success looks like outside of their athletic abilities.
“We see that there is a need. We had a practice ACT test with some of our students and some did not do so well. So we are preparing them for other ventures and opportunities that are outside of sports and making sure that they are aware of the options available for them.” Mrs. Robbins continued to say.
Students can be admitted to The GamePlan program from 9th grade through 12th grade. Openings will be starting for 8th graders next year as well. For information on joining Mr. Robbins Neighborhood go to

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