Mrs. LoDee McPhearson Celebrates Her 100th Birthday

Saturday evening Mrs. McPhearson lightly danced her way down the aisle at Shelia’s It’s Personal Venue as members of her church (Greater Union) family and community friends cheered and applauded.

“Mama LoDee” as she is known to all who know her celebrated her birthday in style as family members spoke of the many ways she has been an inspiration. “I remember when I lost my car and I couldn’t get around, mama LoDee told me “child you just take the bus,” said her niece Sharon Pressley.  “I take the bus to get where I’m going and you do the same,” she said.

Born June 12, 1912, Mama LoDee was the youngest of her siblings.  “She was married for 45 years to my dad Calvin McPhearson,” said Rose McPhearson.  “And she worked as a presser in the Dixie cleaners on Devilliers for years.” She said.

Mrs. McPhearson was blessed to have six children, a set of triplets (two girls and one boy) and three more girls.  She says that the key to long life is “Keeping Jesus first. “ Have fun each day because you never know when the last one will be,” says mama LoDee.

Now that she’s turned 100, her new saying is I’ve thrown away the nine’s and picked up a couple of zeroes.”

Mama LoDee received birthday wishes from President Obama, Governor Rick Scott, Representative Jeff Miller, and Sheriff David Morgan who made her an honorary Deputy.

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