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Dear Ms. Witty

It is so hard to live a life of holiness.  What am I doing wrong?

Signed Holy Living!
Well Holy Living it’s like this.  Holiness is really being of one mind with God.  It’s the habit of being one mind with Him.  Habits are formed.  It’s something you do over and over again.  You have to choose to be of one mind with God and not let anything else occupy your thoughts.  There is so much I can say it would take a book.  Renewing your mind to the Word of God is an act of perfecting holy living.

The less we know about holiness the better it is for the devil to come in and take over.  Holiness has a lot to do with our character.  Holiness is not how we dress contrary to popular belief. It is going to be a whole lot of long dressed and no make-up wearing folks in hell!  It is not about what you wear that defines a person’s holiness or their state of holiness, it’s their conduct.  Our character is developed by every choice we make.  Maturing is shown when you are moving towards working on holiness.

There are two basic steps to developing holiness.  #1 – Choose God. He is always going to be my number one step for everything.  It all begins and ends with Him.  His Word, the Bible, is the final authority in our lives.  It is what we should be using on a daily basis to walk through life.  #2 – Perfecting Holiness is clearly defined as to how it works in Romans 12 starting with verse one.  It talks about presenting our bodies as living sacrifices, being holy and acceptable which is our reasonable service.  This means it is what we are supposed to do naturally as Christian’s.   Renew our minds and move.  Read it, it really will change your life.

This is a start and I truly hope this answers your question.  You took the first step just by asking.  Now it’s up to you to move to the next level.  Make the right choices and see don’t God work some wonderful things in your life because you have decided to truly walk up rightly before Him…..

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