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Dear Ms. Witty,

Why is it that Gospel artists of the Bahamas (Freeport) seem to make it to a certain point in the music industry but no further?  We have a few concerts, record a few albums, but never reach the world.  We serve the same God as Donnie, Yolanda, etc. and are just as gifted or even more, but yet we never make it beyond 3 states in the US or 2 Bahamian islands…any ideas?

Signed – Shavone G!


There is no quick fix to what you are asking me.  If the Bahamian musicians and singers have not been able to cross over into the U.S. with their music, then the individuals need to get before God and find out what is hindering them from breaking outside this box.

Matthew 9:28 – 30 in paraphrasing, Jesus came into a house and a blind man came up to him.  Jesus said, “Believe ye that I am able to do this?” And he answered, ‘Yes Lord’.  Then Jesus touched his eyes saying, ‘according to your faith be it unto you’ and his eyes were opened.  We must walk by faith and not by sight.  You can’t look at what is going on around you, only focus in on what God called you to do.  Seek His face and He will direct your path.

Now let’s look at this in another light.  Sometimes people can have faith for something they just don’t have the ability to do.  You have to look at why this is not happening and what do you need to do to cross that barrier.

I am going to tell you a story.  There was a young girl who was very talented in music.  She did all she could to move her music the best way she knew how.  She looked at what everyone else was doing and judged herself accordingly. Thinking out loud, “If they can do it, so can I.  I am just as good as them, maybe better.”  She could not seem to get the break she needed to minister to the world with her music.  But she never realized that there was a difference between being talented and being anointed.  Singing out of your talent, with no anointing, will get you nowhere. If you are anointed, you will have the power of God to remove burdens and destroy yokes because the anointing is the burden removing yoke destroying power of God. When you are anointed to sing you don’t even have to have the best voice and it will move the hardest heart towards God.

You know God can do the impossible.  Just get before Him and allow Him to direct your Victory!

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