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Dear Ms. Witty,

My child is getting bad grades in school sometimes making C’s, D’s and F’s and occasionally he might bring home a B. I don’t think he seems to be taking school seriously. What do I do?

Signed a Good Grades


Dear Good Grades,

This is such a good question to ask and have I got an answer for you. Society has stigmatized our children by the grades they make. It has trained us into thinking that our grades define and make us who we are and if they are not good we will fail.

I remember in 1999, I was getting ready to go preach at a women’s conference.   God spoke to me and said, “Would you like to know what “God’s Report Card” is?” Of course, I answered yes. He said, “If a child gets an F that could mean two things. For one they are not doing what is required of them and therefore they received an F or they could be frustrated and have no understanding of the material. That is why they received an F.” You are going to have to find out which state your child is in. If it is an F that they received for not doing what was required of them and jerking around, then they deserved it and you are going to have to deal with that. But if they tell you that they really didn’t understand the material and that they are having a hard time, you are going to have help them by going over the material or get a tutor. The D means that they are determined. They worked very hard and were determined not to be frustrated anymore by learning the material. The C means they had the courage to strive to the next level. The B means that they were brave enough to continue on understanding what they had learned more and more. Here is where we get the big letter A that cause kids to feel like they are better than others and if they did not achieve this grade they felt they were less than others. An A to God means that they were anointed to get the job done. They did everything they needed to do to achieve this A. Knowledge is powerful and the anointing is the ability and/or power to get the job done. The only reason they made an A was because they really understood the material.

Focus on them learning and understanding the material not the grade. Don’t be hard on your child they might not even know that they are frustrated. Find out their weakness and empower them with strength!

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