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Dear Ms. Witty,

Fashion has changed a lot over the years and what was unacceptable at one point is now the latest trend.  Where do we as Christians fit into this?  How can we stay with the trends but still keep our modesty?  Is it possible?


Signed – Shavone G.!








It depends on what fashion trend you are trying to follow.  We do not follow the dictates of the world.  There are a lot of things the world does or has made acceptable.  I consider myself to be very fashionable.  I will wear fashion trends as long as it is tasteful.  I am not going to be walking around looking like some bag lady because I am a Christian.  Your attire does not determine your Christianity.

We as Christians should not be moved by what the world does. But why is it that we as a people, not just Christians, think we have to go with the flow?  Just because a man jumped into the river and did not drown doesn’t mean you can do it and get away with it.  Wear what you like. Get up in the morning and put on the clothes you like and look in the mirror. If it’s not offensive to you, meaning your breast ain’t hanging out and we can’t see your underwear when you bend over, then you can leave the house!  Dressing modestly means to not be extreme in your dress.  Think about this, if you were going to a board meeting or getting ready to preach to a crowd of people, would you wear what you just put on?  If you are always tugging at your blouse or pulling your skirt down, your clothes could be too tight. Maybe your clothes are trying to tell you something!

Remember, what you are willing to show to someone you might be willing to share.  Think about that.


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