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Hi Everyone!

I’m Ms. Witty and Welcome to “Ask Ms. Witty Anything!”

My name is Deneen Whatley I am an International Columnist operating under the code name Ms. Witty. I’m also a Pastor in Lancaster, TX. Individuals write to me regarding questions relating to issues they may be facing. I love answering these questions with joy, excitement and the Word but I also like to keep it real. You know the old saying, “The Truth Hurts”? Well, the answers I give might sting your flesh but hey you will get over it! Just read it, process it, take a look at your situation, make the adjustments and move on. I’m funny at times too so that might soften things up a bit! I found away to bring all that witty personality into Ms. Witty as she answers life’s questions.

Ms. Witty has been featured in several newspapers around the world: The Kingdom Times, The Building Builders and The Gospel Bahamas in Exuma and Nassau, Bahamas; Caicos Island and Florida; and Graig Brooks Unity Newspaper in San Francisco, CA. Hosted her own radio show “The Reality of Being Set Free Broadcast” at LOVE 860AM radio station in Atlanta, Georgia. Guest appearances on Channel 57 Atlanta Live television station in Georgia. She Co-Hosted on MGM Radio Station in Indiana with Host DeShawn Moore as the International Columnist Ms. Witty for several years.

I want you, the readers of The Pensacola Voice, to begin taking that same journey with me into the World of Unanswered Questions. This column is not only designed to answer questions to daily living but will deal with the root to problems and concerns you’re facing in life every day.

I am really looking forward to hearing from you. No question is a silly question so start sending them to me now.

Every question Ms. Witty receives is important. All questions will be reviewed carefully before posting. Feel free to “Ask Ms. Witty Anything”. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook.

Now buckle up people you are in for a Ride of Your Life –Holy Style!

Here’s your first “Ask Ms. Witty Anything” Question and Answer Column:


Dear Ms. Witty,Ms Witty w Blackboard

Why am I still Single? What is it that God wants to do with my life while I am single?Signed – Single but not yet satisfied!

Dear Single but not yet satisfied,

There is a lot of preparation that needs to take place while one is single. If you are still single maybe you are not fully prepared for your mate at this time. Examine where you are, what your desires are and expectations. Can you handle what lies ahead in marriage because it is a lot of work? You need to take the time to prepare yourself for marriage if you desire to be married.

Singleness provides the opportunity for individuals to be totally devoted to God in a way that is not possible if you are married. If you are single, you don’t have to report in and tell your spouse everything you are doing. You are your own boss! I have to ask can I buy a pair shoes, dress, new furniture, etc. Whatever I do has to go through my husband first. I don’t mind it because I made a choice to be married and submit unto my husband. What about you, can you submit your will over to another? Don’t waste your precious time of singleness. Use your gifts, talents, and abilities to help build God’s kingdom. Take this opportunity to take advantage of your singleness. Enjoy it while you can!

Ms. Witty” aka Deneen Whatley is an International Columnist. She resides in Lancaster, TX. If you have questions you would like answered and posted in her column please send them to or submit your questions via her website at

No question is a silly question so start sending them in today. Every question Ms. Witty receives is important. All questions will be reviewed carefully before posting. Don’t forget to follow her on Facebook. “Ask Ms. Witty Anything!” – For Guest Speaking Engagements submit your request via Ms. Witty’s website. Forever Writing Ms. Witty!


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