Mt. Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church Holds 2014 Leadership Conference

Rev. Willie Demps, the Pastor of Mt. Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church, on the 1st of February, convened his 8th annual 2014 Christian Leadership Conference at the S. L. Jones Christian Academy Multi-Purpose Room at 100 Boeing St. in the Warrington Community of West Pensacola. The theme of the conference was “God’s Solidarity Team Working, Worshipping, and Witnessing Together”! Mt. Pilgrim holds this event each year prior to appointing leadership for the various ministerial committees of the church.

Ms. Alice Sims served as Mistress of Ceremonies and the First Lady Millicent Demps provided the Welcoming Remarks and the Recognition of Guests. She introduced Tony McCray, President of Tony McCray and Associates to bring Greetings from the Community just prior to breakfast being served by Tony Cole’s Wings & Things Restaurant. After the breakfast, the Leadership Seminar began with facilitator Cheryl Watson of Greater Little Rock Missionary Baptist Church followed by the host Pastor Willie Demps. Dr. Michael Johnson, Sr., the Pastor of Sixth Avenue Missionary Baptist Church served as the Keynote Speaker and Clinician on the theme of “Tithing Our Time, Talent, and Treasure”.

In an interview with the Pensacola Voice, Rev. Demps stated that he and his wife retired Navy Lieutenant Commander Millicent Demps; take the leadership conference seriously to set the tone for the year with an emphasis on the S. L. Jones Christian Academy as its major ministry. Prior to the adjournment of the leadership conference, Rev. Demps announced a follow-up leadership planning session to focus on the BP Oil Spill RESTORE Act funding process on Saturday February 22nd at 12:00 noon at the S. L. Jones Christian Academy Multi-Purpose Room.

The members of the Leadership Conference Team in attendance were as follows:

  • Pastor William Gulley, New Missionary Baptist Church (Opening Scripture)
  • Pastor Jack Reeves, Greater Sardis Missionary Baptist Church
  • Pastor Ronald Sanders, Rhema Word Missionary Baptist Church (Opening Prayer)
  • Pastor J. L. Savage, Sunlight Missionary Baptist Church
  • Pastor John Farris, El Bethel Christian Center
  • Pastor Jack Reeves, Greater Sardis Missionary Baptist Church

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