National Movement For Civil Rights

The National Movement for Civil and Human Rights, Inc. has requested that the United States Department of Justice proceed with an independent investigation in reference to the incident that occurred October 1, 2015 at West Florida High School’s Junior Varsity football team (Pensacola, Florida). Several of the young men were subjected to their teammates grabbing them and trying to “Pants” them as they got on the bus. The individual who actually started the “Pantsing” incident had the table turned on him and his brother and two of his friends actually “Panted” him. His football uniform was pulled off of him and some of the kids on the bus took phone pictures of the incident and uploaded it to social media. (Snap chat)
There were at least 13 students involved in this incident but only three young black men selected for punishment. Neither the High School coaching staff nor the administrator of the school provided an adult supervision for the bus load of children. The only adult on the bus was the bus driver who was also a coach.

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