Neutra Corners & Silver Lining Honors Roy Jones Sr & Beau Williford

Picture 1 Roy-Jones-Sr
Saturday evening the community paid tribute to Beau Williford and Roy Jones, Sr. for their commitment to the boxing world for youths at the Woodland Heights Center.
These two boxing icons have trained over 1000 children respectively.  “They learn a lot about themselves.” said Gloria Wiggins.  The club works with the children between 3-5pm. “These are the times that children seem to get into trouble and we wanted to get them involved into something that would keep them busy.” She said.
“Neutra boxing club was designed to get young people involved in themselves and their community.” said Wiggins.
The club opened their doors November 2014.  “The need is there and more children are becoming a part of the club.  We teach anger management, health, cardio and encourage them to use what we call ‘common sense’. She said.

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