New Children’s Book to be released in Pensacola


This June 28, Emerging Publications and Amazon will release a six book series dedicated to young children ages 2 to 6 years entitled “Kamden’s Safe Journey.”  The author, Temeka Hamilton, a native of Pensacola wrote the books to her grandson, Kamden, to leave him an inheritance and also teach him about every life’s adventures.

These six books, “Nana and her grandson Kamden”, are about his safe journey with God.  He is a very inquisitive 3 year old that asks Nana a lot of questions – such as who am I and what is love?  In one of the series Nana has to address the subject of death as Kamden asks ‘Nana, are you ever going to leave me?  And she lets him know that yes, one day she will leave him (physically) but she will always be there with him (spiritually),” she said

Temeka Hamilton inspiration came from the need of her daughter, being a single parent, raising her son.  “I knew she was going to need financial help, moral support and help raising him.  In helping to raise him there are some things that as a Nana, I would want to instill in him to leave a legacy and heritage for him.” said Hamilton.

“So I asked God to give me something that I could have for my grandchild.  And he gave me Kamden’s Safe Journey.”

Hamilton is married to Melvin and they have two children, a daughter 22 and a son 24.

When asked if she will continue to write, she said “I’ve always written journals so perhaps one day I’ll continue.”

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