New Dimensions Christian Center Sponsors Back to School Rally


By Tony McCray

New Dimensions Christian Center Outreach Ministry sponsored its “Back to School Rally” on Saturday August 5th at The Event Center at 3201 West Navy Blvd.  According to Assistant Pastor Anthony Johnson, “One of the core values of New Dimensions Christian Center is to experience new dimensions in our community and the way we do that is to have events like this Back to School Rally.” This is an event for children that are in need of school supplies and that need help in obtaining them.  We know that there are a lot of outreach programs going on; however, we felt we would be remiss if we did not do something with our children’s church to contribute to the preparation of our children preparing to go back to school.”

Hubert and Madeline Tillman, elders at New Dimensions Christian Center in the Outreach Ministry, were key host and hostess at the rally and assisted in organizing the other ministries of the church to be involved.  The joint effort was an explosion of excitement for the children and their families with food, guest speakers, praise dancing, theater acting, haircuts, clothing, and school supplies. Johnson shared with the Voice that New Dimensions is more than just a name of the church.  He went on to state that, “Methods are many, Principles are few. One of the principles of Jesus is to take care of the children. So that is a principle we adhere to; however the methods of how we do it may change, because we are an ever-changing, ever-evolving church. However, the principle of taking care of the children is another way we stay with the principles of God.”   

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