No Again on Amendment 2


In 2014, Florida voters narrowly defeated Amendment 2, the so-called “medical marijuana amendment, which would have provided de-facto legalization of marijuana in Florida.

Well, it’s back and will be the ballot again in November.

It is crucial that Florida’s Black community be advised of Amendment 2’s negative impact on its families and children. Therefore, over the next several months we will be informing our readers of the dangers of this Amendment.  But for now, a few facts on the new Amendment will suffice.

The new amendment, same as the old amendment, creates de-facto legalization of marijuana in Florida.

This so-called “medical” marijuana amendment is just like the one voters defeated in 2014. It legalizes pot smoking in Florida under the cynical guise of helping sick people. Marijuana is not medicine, it is an illegal and dangerous drug!!!

It even allows most high school seniors to legally purchase marijuana on their own.

Specifically authorizes pot-laced candy, lollipops, gummy bears and other edible forms of pot clearly designed to encourage kids to use marijuana.

Its “Pill Mill” loophole places no restrictions on the location of seedy pot shops. Look for them to spring up next to restaurants, schools, churches and supermarkets. In fact, pot shops have crept up all over California neighborhoods under it’s “medical” pot law. It is estimated that Amendment 2 will spawn nearly 2,000 pot shops in Florida.  That’s more pot shops than Walmarts and Walgreens combined! Guess whose neighborhoods will be flooded with these “Pot shops!!!

Finally, as to the argument that legalization of pot will end disparities in arrest rates between blacks and whites—NOT TRUE! Studies have shown that in states that have legalized Pot-Washington and Colorado–blacks still have higher arrests rates than whites for pot offenses!

These are just some of the reasons why Amendment 2 is not good for Black Floridians.

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