Noble of Islam Back to School Giveaway

Schools Supply Drives for the children of the Pensacola community has been a popular tradition for several years and provides some much needed assistance to students, teachers and parents as cost of the basic tools required for our children to excel within the education system has become more expensive.

On August 7th 2013 Ill. Potentate Greg Dorsey and Officers Nobles of Islam Temple No. 182 Inc. assisted Ms. Dawn Novy and staff of the Emerald Coast Boys & Girls Club with passing out the School supplies to its members for the 2013 school year. Also in attendance was the Imperial Deputy of the Desert of Florida PP Billy D. Mclamb who is a Pensacola resident and former Boys & Girls Club Board member.

The event was a result of the Prince Hall Shriners of Islam Temple #182 Inc. under the leadership of Illustrious Potentate Greg “Grego” Dorsey provided a boost to this important community service endeavor with a unique new twist. The Shriners established an event that was the first of its kind. They held a dance for the Pensacola community and invited all of the participants to bring a school supplies as part of the entry fee. The event was the result of a vision that was over two years in the making and no one could have predicted this outcome.  With the uncertainty of public participation in something that had ever been tried before, the Nobles of Islam decided to step out on faith and lead by example.  They purchased hundreds of their own tickets themselves and presented them to friends, family and business associates as an invitation to attend the event. This display of support demonstrated their commitment to the success of the event, which left the only cost for those special guests being a Tool 4 School donation.

Overwhelmingly the charitable jester made by the Nobles of Islam Temple was reciprocated by the Pensacola community and the event was sold out 30 days ahead of schedule.  The event Chairman Noble Bruce Layton and his committee worked tirelessly accumulating donations and financial support from private, civic and social organizations such as Islam Court # 175 DOI,  Dance Konnection,  North 2 South Ballroom Connection, Dance Konnection Swingers, Chariots of Pensacola, 100 Black Women Coalition,  All Good Computers, The Basyan  Konnection, and Dawson Cleaning Supplies.  To ensure future success of the Tools 4 School as an annual charitable event for the Pensacola community, Tools 4 School Partnerships were formed with local business such as Navy Blvd. Wal-Mart, Julie’s Sew Shoppe, Primetime Promotions, Soulful Sundays C&D Promotions, Kay’s Fashion,   D’Cor Uniforms and Alterations, Warrington Chiropractic Clinic,   Gulf Coast Trophies, High Tech Car Wash, Promoworx Embroidery,  and  Kool Karts & Kool Graphics.

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