Northwest Florida Communtiy Outreach, Inc. Reaches Out to Community


By: D. Davis

Northwest Florida Community Outreach, Inc. (NWFCO) has been serving the local residents of Pensacola since 2002 as a 501c3 Non-profit organization. Their mission is to ensure that individuals and families receive the help they need to have more meaningful and productive lives. The primary focus is helping individuals and family’s that are at-risk/disadvantaged build their lives based on knowledge of their won worthiness, strength and dignity.  NWFCO has offered USDA food boxes to those that need supplemental groceries for their families and offer social exposure to our senior citizens with their bi-annual “Senior Breakfast and Bingo” event each year.   Other programs are aimed at keeping adolescents positively occupied with community service projects and learning to give back to our community. The need for their services continues to grow as well as the need for more sponsors and volunteers to keep the mission of NWFCO and its programs thriving throughout the year. They link with Favor House each year with the “Warm Wishes Project” to offer coats and blankets to them as a support of their established domestic violence services.  NWFCO has proved to be a viable resource for the county on a limited annual budget but the demand is even greater now.  They have secured donations from small businesses and individuals who find them to be a creditable charity and see the need.  Twice a month support feeding the community with USDA food boxes as part of the “Harvest of Hope” Program, on the first and second Saturday of the month at their partnership site of Living Word Holy Church, Inc. at 691 A Broad Street, Pensacola, FL 32534.  Living Word has been a tremendous sponsor as a host site and funding source as in-kind support for NWFCO since we started in 2002.   Our current goal is to secure a 5000 square foot building to expand our current services in Escambia and surrounding areas. The next goal is to increase our volunteer base as a key to doing more events like the FARM SHARE we had on 7/9/16 and increase our “Community Spot Light Program,” that targets education and awareness workshops and with partnership agencies like the Community Drug and Alcohol Counsel (CDAC). We have made an impact on our youth by getting them some of the ready to handle money, and bullying as well as provide school  supplies they need to get off to a good start each year. “It’s been wonderful to provide the basics to a Head start classroom when you know teachers are pulling from their own pockets to ensure students have what they need to learn.  We served close to 300 citizens this weekend with our Farm Share event and that’s what it’s all about. That says those people had genuine needs and we were in a place to help stretch their dollar in times like these. There’s no doubt that summer break for our students and limited budgets for our senior neighbors don’t create hardships.  It’s true that 1 in 7 seniors live in poverty and NWFCO wants to change that, “said COO Chris Salter.

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