Obama Channels Al Green to Victory this November

by C. A. Jude Stewart

Had the good fortune two weeks ago, to witness history (political and musical) at the Apollo Theatre during a splendid visit back home to NYC & my beloved Hudson River Valley-West Point region (a/k/a, the American Rhine).

Everybody knows (or at least heard of) the Apollo, named after the Greek god of prophecy, intellectual pursuits, the plague, healing and/or the sun. Apollo’s 1/2-brother is Dionysus, the Greek god of win, hedonism & sexual excess. Two ‘brothers’ could never have been more different, in mythology or genetics.

Harlem’s historic Apollo Theatre is 4 1/2-blocks west of the old elevated tracks of the NY Central-New Haven (now Metro-North) Railroads, a cultural gathering spot @ 253. W. 125th Street, between 7th Avenue (Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard) & 8th Avenue (Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard).

President Obama was in town for an Apollo fundraiser, which I managed to attend without cashing in what’s left of my puny, eviscerated Fidelity Investment retirement funds.

When Obama-Rama vocally busted out a few lines of Reverend Al Green’s January, 1972 classic “Let’s Stay Together” while at the podium on that remarkable musical stage, the crowd (as they say, & not just the panty-tossin’ ladies) went wild.

It takes a certain kinda grace to pull off that move. Our President did it with such ease, panache & inimitable grace, that I hoped in a fantastic sorta way that Reverend Al (who was in the audience) had bolted back on-stage, joining da Prez in a musical duet for the ages. Alas, it was not to be.

I reflected fondly on Barack’s Sada-esque “Smooth Operator” moment in presidential politics, while attending both Romney & Gingrich’s electrifyingly dull whistle-stops in Pensacola this past week: Mitt’s breakfast gathering at The Fish House in downtown Pensacola last saturday (1/28) morning, followed by Newter’s “Fat Man-Bustin’-Out-in-a-Too-Tight-Suit” NAS dance-a-thon on Monday (1/30).

The tendentiousness, insipid, robotic & obsequious pandering-to-the-slobbering-mob mentality of both Republican candidates was in stark contrast to the positive, stirring, delightful qualities manifested by Obama & his supporters.

If politics essentially is about the manifestation, accumulation & dispensation of power among competing forces, entities & people, Barack Obama will surely win a 2nd-term as president come Tuesday, November 6, 2012—no matter WHO the Republican candidate is.

If the USA is to move forward, & stay together as the soulful Rev. Al entreats us all to do for the country’s good, then Barack hit the high notes at all the right places, while the tone-deaf Republicans clamor tunelessly to win the hearts, minds & musical souls of the American body politic.

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