OBAP: Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals Sponsored by Delta Airlines

By: Carlyn A. James, MFA-FSH

Sponsored by Delta Airlines, Students of OBAP were flown into Pensacola, Florida from Atlanta, Georgia to learn more about the components of Aerospace, Flight, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  After touring the Naval Aviation Museum they visited the Aircrew Water Survival Training Facility on the Navy Base.  There they were enlightened about water survival skills if operations were to take them over into a body of water.  They learned the importance of how to survive in a water landing as an aviator and how to utilize survival skills until rescue forces arrive.

OBAP plays a major role in assisting future pilots and aviation professionals in making the right decisions by selecting a career path in which they are the most interested in.  Their overall goal is to broaden ones perspective and outlook on the industry of Aerospace by every aspect.

Those with interest are encouraged to complete an application as soon as possible to ensure all requirements have been met before entering the program.  Project Aerospace OBAP offers a seamless career development progression which guides both young adults and professionals with an interest in a obtaining a career in aviation, aerospace, and flight.  For more information log onto www.obap.org, Email: nationaloffice@obap.org, or call: (800) JET-OBAP.  Their national office is located on 1 Westbrook Corporate Center-Suite 300 in Westchester, Illinois 60154.

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