Oh Give Thanks for Thanksgiving

As gospel music played on a sunny day at The Belmont Truth for Youth Building, people lined up to receive free food to enjoy a day of Thanksgiving.

Sponsored by Truth for Youth, young and old participated in the large amounts of food packaged up ready for the taking.

Celeste Southern, Director of Appetite for Life stated that “the food bank (Bay area Food Bank) got a grant and were able to bring the food to the community. We just get sponsors so that we can get it to other locations. Any church, business, organization or single person can do this either at their location or ours,” she said.

To sponsor a giveaway, you must be able to pay $500. “This money is used to cover expenses such as the employees, a driver, gas etc. “The food is free.” Fresh vegetables, canned food, bread pastries, frozen meats are just a few of the selection that is offered through the giveaway.

Marcus Ditty, Operations Director for Appetite for Life said. “There is such a huge need for this in Escambia County. Most people don’t see poverty area. There is a whole new face of poverty.

Appetite for Life was started in 1985 primarily to help feed people with AIDS. Since that time it has expanded to include age and disabled, children nutrition program. Anyone interested in starting a program to feed a kid, we are there to help them open their doors at absolutely no cost. It’s free,” said Ditty.

“I would like to thank WRNE, Modern Woodman and other people that helped us to be able to partner with Appetite for Life to make this event happen,” said Rev. John Powell. “We just want to all we can while we can. Poverty does not discriminate. When you are broke, you are just broke.” To be a part of giving, contact Truth for Youth to make a difference.

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