Organizations Unite to Form Coalition for Justice

Friday morning various organizations from the community met and formed the Coalition for Justice to address issues that are arising in the community.

Movement for Change, NAACP, SCLC, Democratic Executive Committee, and The Nation of Islam, The National Movement for Civil and Human Rights and Amalgamated Transit Union were among the organizations in attendance.

“I feel really good about it (the forming of the organization).  I think it’s time that all
Civil Rights organizations pool their resources and come together to get things done for the community.  With all of the organizations coming together is something that is needed,” said Rev. H. K. Matthews.  “I especially applaud Commissioner Lumon May for the stance he is taking.  He is proving that he is not afraid to take a stand for the betterment of his community.”

“I am hoping that the couple whose dog was shot up-the coalition will demonstrate that we are concerned about the total community not just one segment,” said Rev. Matthews.

“The coalition is very much needed in NW Florida.  This is the first time that you have all of the groups because we had a common interest:  The Sheriff’s approval that it was ok to shoot at someone 17 times,” said Ellision Bennett.

“This organization feels that enough is enough regarding discrimination and abuse,” said Jerry McIntosh of Movement for Change.  “We want to address the problems of the number of Black men going to jail and the job situation or lack of the leads to crime in our community.  Poverty leads to crime.”

The organization is interested in other organizations that would like to become part of the Coalition. Contact Movement for Change at 432-4411.


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