PAIN Organizations Breaks Ground for Memorial Garden


By: Jacqueline Miles

Parents and victims of children lost to violence will have a place to go and find peace and solace at the new park that is being erected at Rawlins and Government Street

Parent Against Injustice and Negatives   (PAIN) held a ground breaking ceremony Wednesday afternoon at the Corrine Jones Park.  The land, donated by the City of Pensacola, is located in the historic tan yard where many African American children came to play and grew up.  “This ground breaking for the “Garden of Peace and Hope” is for all of the people that have lost children to crime.    With all of the violence that is going on in Pensacola, we want to memorialize the individuals that have fallen in our area,” said Lisa Wiggins, President of the Organization.  “We have a lot of make shift memorials around Pensacola.  There’s nothing wrong with that but we wanted to build a memorial  park that people can come and remember their loved ones; finding a place of solace, finding a place of healing, reflection with beautiful surroundings.  It will have water fountains, because everyone knows that water is soothing,”  She said.

“We thought it fitting to honor those in the area.” She continued.  “There is hope.  If we come together as a community; it’s not about black or white, it’s about community.  Homicide is homicide.  There is a family that is left behind when someone dies.”

“Violence prevention is always a top priority. I am in full support of this project as with other programs that seek to increase awareness and decrease violence in our community. I am confident PAIN will make a positive impact in the community and look forward to what’s to come,” said Mayor Ashton Hayward.

We are doing the groundbreaking because we want the community to know that we are coming together. Also, we are providing a place for the school system to come and bring the kids over to teach them about bullying, violence and show them what happens when that person is hurt.

The commemorative park is designed just for community healing.  They are looking to begin designing the park within the next 60 days.  “We are always looking for donations to help us with the project,” said Wiggins.  “Planting a flower, bush or tree is welcomed.”

If interested in donating to PAIN please contact Lisa Wiggins.

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