Palin’ Around with Lunatics Runnin’ the Asylum

By C. A. Jude Stewart

It is no small irony that HBO’s “Game Change” hit the airwaves in the same week as Florida’s elephantine radio bloviator RushMouth apologized (because of an advertisers’ revolt) to a woman he called slut & prostitute.

Based on the best-selling 2010 book, “GC” examines the Republican Party’s late summer ’08 desperation to beat Obama & get John McCain elected. It debuted last Saturday (3/10) & will run in the weeks ahead.

I strongly urge all of my loyal, sentient PV readers to watch “Game Change”. It is painfully poignant, brazenly revelatory & historically astonishing in exposing the desperate measures politicos (of all persuasions, not just Republican wingnuts) go to Winning the Big One (the White House).

Sensing Obama’s surging summer ’08 polls/celebrity was dwarfing McCain’s victory chances, his panicked political gurus (led by Steve Schmidt, bracingly played by Woody Harrelson) rejected the classic white, rich, Republican yacht-owning, country-club, male VP candidate in favor of an out-of-the-box SexBomb they deemed “game changer”: a maverick bimbo who could infatuate the media (with her perky breasts, sumptuous curves & ‘come hither’ winks), follow McCain’s directives, siphon away independent/moderate voters, razzle-dazzle the Right/Base/Evangelicals/Flag Wavers/xenophobes & closet racists, while demolishing Obama’s quasi-messianic impact, fame & poll numbers.

So McCain’s cynical prognosticators plucked Hockey Mom, a VPMFTA (Vapid Political Mannequin For The Ages): Sarah Palin, a moose-huntin’, sex-oozin’, former beauty queen/mayor of Wasilla (pop. 7600) & Alaskan governator.

And people thought that Thomas Eagleton (D-Missouri, VP Candidate 1972 with George McGovern) was crazy, because he’d been psychiatrically hospitalized & treated with electric shock therapy for severe depression, back in the day.

Here was an obscure (except for Siberia, can you get more obscure than Alaska?), unabashedly stupid (of virtually all American history, circa 1607-2008), sexy (for morbidly obese female voters to mimic/envy, & Cialis-Viagra usin’ impotent good ol’ boyes to fantasize about in their sexually-emasculated lives), fame-seeking (a TV sports reporter, she allegedly boinked hoopster Glen Rice while covering Michigan in the Great Alaska Shootout), academically desultory (she attended five 3rd-rate colleges for her BA) political dunce/nobody without foreign policy expertise), now elevated to a potential worldwide office of which she was utterly unqualified & unprepared for.

Her pitiable meltdown, & the Republican Party’s political dissolution as a party continues to this day.

One great irony at film’s end is McCain’s warning to Palin: do NOT become hostage to the Limbaugh Blimp & his rabid-dog, Know Nothing followers, who will destroy the last vestiges of the party once led by Lincoln himself.

Palin’s narcissistic myopia (obsession over Alaskan approval ratings as she ran for VP), combined with her appalling stupidity — of basic American history (Paul Revere was British); government (she didn’t know a single Supreme Court case); foreign policy (she believed Saddam Hussein perpetrated 9/11, & Queen Mary ran England’s parliament); American media (she didn’t read a single national publication); & economics (she didn’t know the Federal Reserve set monetary policy) — were the ingredients of a potential national political disaster far worse than anything Nixon, Kennedy, LBJ, Reagan or Clinton “illegally” did in their terms of office.

To elect this female Bozo the Clown to the VP office one heartbeat away from the Presidency would’ve relegated America to 4th-rate status in Western Civilization, below such political armpits like Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, Haiti, Camden (NJ), Miami, N’awlins, Iran, Motown/Detroit, El Lay, Memphis, Iraq & Gary (IN).

See “Game Change”, then pray (AND VOTE) that the looney-tune Romnified remnants of Lincoln’s party don’t gain control of the presidency anytime soon.

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