Pam Keith Returns To Pensacola

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The return of a promising politician, Pam Keith,  will return to the sunshine state of Pensacola this Monday, August 22 and 23 After her impressionable visit in Pensacola, the senator-elect is coming back to meet and talk with veterans .

Her motto:  “To represent the millions of Floridians who consider themselves socially liberal and fiscally responsible.  To represent the interests of Florida and those who live her in the United States Senate, and to propose real solutions to the problems that face the Nation.”

Her plan for our veterans is to reverse the burden of proof for BA benefit claims, allow veterans to visit private medical providers whenever necessary, and to fund the VA commensurate with operational budgets, just to name a few.  “As a U.S. Navy Veteran myself, these veterans are my brothers and sisters, and I am committed to doing all I can to reduce suicide in our ranks.

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