Pam Keith Visits Pensacola to Campaign for U S Senate Race


By: Jacqueline Miles

Friday afternoon, Pam Keith came to Pensacola to let Northwest Florida know she too, was running for the senatorial seat of Florida.  “I’m running for the seat that Marco Rubio had,” she stated.  Full of energy and a game plan to help in turning the state of Florida around, Keith spoke to The Pensacola Voice at length about her concerns, hopes and aspirations for our state.

When asked first “Being a U.S Navy Veteran, being a woman, and being an attorney, why did you leave that to get into this political race?” she responded “it’s very simple- to much is given, much is expected.  And, the impression you leave on this planet cannot be how well you have done for yourself.  The impression you leave on this planet has to be how well you have done for others.  I’ve used all my skills and talents to advocate for a variety of entities, including some of the biggest companies in this country.  But I’ve been called to use my advocacy, my passion my background and all of my skills to advocate for the people of Florida.  I’ve often heard that you were the little David because you were going up again a lot of Goliaths such as Marco Rubio; this is his seat that you are going after.  Does it frighten or intimidate you in any way that you are stepping into an arena dominated by Republicans and men?  No, first of all, I want to clarify that this is not Marco Rubio’s seat.  The seat belongs to the people of Florida.  They get to decide who sits in it and who does not.  If somebody does a lousy job, they ought to be replaced.  Second of all, I don’t look at them as Goliaths.  There’s nothing magical about those guys.  They put their pants on one leg at a time just like everybody else.  Having a lot of zeros behind your name does not make you more important or valuable to this country any more than anybody else.  I will put my skills up against theirs any day and twice on Sundays.  Maybe I win, maybe I lose, but I’m certainly not going to get intimidated.  You speak of skills-what skills are you bringing to the table for the people of Florida?  You have to have a willingness to read, to study, to learn and to educate because nobody is going to know everything about everything.  You have to be very firmly grounded in your mission, your purpose in who you serve.  You do not serve the people with the squeakiest wheel which tends to be the ones with a lot of money.  You do not serve the ones that can make your life easier or make your reelection easier.  You serve the people who vote.  You serve the people of this country.  And that has to be the priority.  Second of all, you’ve got to surround yourself with people who know who you are and who respect you and will always tell you the truth.  Sometimes you have to be grounded and reminded of who you are.  Buit the best skill I have is that I see things from a different perspective.  I can look at a problem and analyze it and rather than simply come up with the argument to best advance the arguments that are already there, I can find a completely angle at coming at the problem.  That’s what people are looking for-solutions.   What will be your first goal should you be elected.  The first goal has to be creating an atmosphere in which your collegues feel comfortable in talking to you.  I know that no senator can get anything done on their own.  And they can’t just get mad because people don’t see things your way.  If they don’t like your attitude, or feel theat you are combative, feel as if you are going to back stab them or expose what theyare saying to you, they are not going to trust you or work with you.  You must creae an atmosphere where not only can your party talk with you but the people across the aisle.  I have a life time of being a liberal working in a conservative environment.  Be it the Navy or big corporations that I have worked for or the large law firms that I’ve worked for;  I’ve made lifelong friends amongst Republicans, Conservatives, Independents; people that have a completely different world view.  That’s a skillset I’ve hones since I was a little girl moving from country to country.  What countries have you lived in?  I’ve lived in Turkey, Morocco, Syria, Brazil, Bahrein, United States and England. And in the United Sates where have you lived?  I’e lived in California, Kentucky, Maryland, the District of Columbia, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts and Florida.  Do you see yourself running for President one day?  No I don’t.  This is a big enough honor and a big enough challenge to keep my eye trained on this.  I look at this as a 6 year gig and I have six years to do the very best I can.  But if I spend four years planning what I’m going to do for the next six years, it colors what I do.  I don’t want to do that.  That’s what’s wrong with our politics.  So, I’m going to spend my time advocating, coming up with solutions and bringing the people into this process.

Pam Keith has passion and a sense of who she is and what can be accomplished in the senate with your support.  For more information about her go to her website

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