Par 4 Charities Sponsors 39th Annual Golf Tournament

Saturday morning, Par 4 teed off at Marcus Point Golf Course to begin its 39th Annual Charities Golf tournament.

The tournament brought a total of 132 golfers to the area to participant in the “Winner takes Cash” event. Golfers from throughout the Southeast came to enjoy this momentous occasion.

“Par 4 actually began in 1968,” stated Walter Wallace.  “We did things for the community but it wasn’t until the 1970’S that we began sponsoring the tournament.

Par 4 is an African American non-profit organization that has a mission to encourage young people to get involved in the world of golf.  “We have some young people that participate in our gold clinics and it’s a good way for them to learn about golfing,” said Wallace.

We have now what is called a “Golfer’s Challenge.  This is a challenge for all golfers to come out and participate in helping to build a habitat house to help someone in our community.

Recently, the Golf Club instituted the Rita E Jones Scholarship Fund.

The golfing event actually began with a hospitality night at the Apollo Club Friday night and continuing on through Sunday.

“No tournament is good unless you have good sponsors and we have wonderful sponsors including Barnes Super Market, Lewis Bear, WRNE and The Pensacola Voice,” he said.  “We are the only major gold tournament left in Pensacola.”  He added.

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