Par Four Golf Club Sponsors Unity Golf Championship


By: Tonya Jackson

Golfers in Pensacola have lots of beautiful locations to play their beloved sport. For the past three years the members of the Par Four Golf Club have been inviting golfers from across the city to come to the Osceola Golf Club to compete in their Pensacola Unity Golf Championship.

According to Walter Wallace, with Par Four, “In the golfing community you have guys that only play each other. The idea behind this tournament is to bring different guys together to golf, fellowship, and network with each other who normally would not play together. It’s an opportunity to bring awareness of the game to the public, we give people who don’t know about golf an opportunity to learn about what we’re doing. And it’s also a chance for people who haven’t seen each other in years to reconnect.”

Wallace continues, “This year we’re expecting 75 or 80 golfers to participate. One of the special things we do each year is the Rider Cup. This is a bragging rights competition. The team that wins the Rider Cup, modeled after the international Rider Cup, gets to keep the Cup until the next tournament winner is announced the following year. Right now we, Par Four, are the defending champions.”

On Friday, May 20th, at 6:30 pm they will have their meet and greet at the Elks Lodge #751 located at 304 N. Coyle St. On Saturday they will tee off at 8:30 am with a shotgun start.

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