Pastor Greg Burns Celebrates 24 years serving New Dimensions Christ



Pastor Greg Burns stepped into The Event Center, Friday evening, at a surprise appreciation that family and friends clapped and cheered upon his arrival.

“It was truly a surprise,” said Pastor Burns. “I was told that I had to come to the center to meet a millionaire,” he smiled. To say that the event was well planned, was an understatement. Even first lady Diane Burns was in on the scheme as she kept track of him by phone.

Pastor Burns was born and raised in Meridian Mississippi by a single parent with siblings of four boys and four girls. He is the youngest of four boys. His mother died when he was 12 years old of cancer. His oldest sister became his legal guardian at the age of 22. “I could have been a statistic, but the age of 16 I accepted the Lord in my life as my Lord and Saviour. I came straight out of High School to go to Bible College and became an assistant pastor at a church for 10 years.

“When I met  Pastor, I met him at Liberty Church on the first or second night that he was there straight from Meridian Mississippi, said Lady Diane Burns. “He didn’t say a lot but we greeted him and it was his first time away from home. I watch him and just observed him and we continually talked. The key thing that happened the night I met him, God showed me in a vision that I was supposed to marry him. And it was five years later that that actually came to pass. I never shared this. But we became very good friends. There weren’t many Blacks in the school at that time, so we wanted to reach out and keep in touch because it’s sometimes hard being away from home. During that time, we started a choir called Kyan that I was a part of. A couple of years later, he joined the choir and we really got to know him;knowing that he loved God. We traveled all over Pensacola and outside of Pensacola evening to Atlanta singing. I found that he was a person I could trust and he became one my best friends. I had girl best friends but he became my guy best friend. We grew and started dating. I could see he had a heart for people and said to me one day he wanted to start a church. We got married and he started playing for Liberty Northwest, eventually became the outreach pastor and we stayed there for 10 years.” “We were married seven years before we had our first child , Tyler. One day God just spoke to him and told him to start a church with a multicultural vision.”

“On April 19, 1992, the Lord led me to start New Dimensions, 24 years ago,” said Pastor Burns. “It was obedience to the Lord. It’s been a joy to pastor such a great group of people. “

One of the philosophies of New Dimensions way back in the beginning, when the church gathered at New World Landing, was it was all about souls. “Although we had only been in existence for six months, without owning a building, we went on television, out of obedience to the Lord; which confused a lot of people. The Lord spoke to me at that time, which why we went on television, to put souls before buildings,” he said. “And that has been our philosophy—It’s always been about souls; more so than buildings. So, I’ve just had this inclination to follow the Lord where ever he goes, because I’m not locked down to a building.”

It was two years before the church found a building and moved to a Movie theater in 1995 to Herman Street, where they were there for eight years. “We expanded it because of the growth of the church and also built a day care center. Then Brownsville offered us the Brownsville School of Revival property on Highway 98. We sent out there in June of 2003. In 2004 hurricane Ivan hit and ripped the roof off of the property that we were renting to Harvest Church. Once the confusion was cleared up, as we were carrying both properties, and got things settled, we were approved to purchase 98 but didn’t get a release in our spirit to do so. So we left there and started having two services to PJC now Pensacola State College. One year later, we found a property on Navy Boulevard. Eight years later, the church up the street, where we are now, approached us about buying their building and we own both now.” So now the Event Center is being used to accommodate different events in the community. We are still searching the Lord in what exactly we are to do with that building. But in all, God has enlarged our territory.” “New Dimensions is not a conventional church. “We do operate out of the box, but we are looking to expand other locations as satellite churches throughout. “We are truly New Dimensions. We stand by our name in that we definitely out of the box and we help souls reach their destiny. “Our destiny is helping you unlock your destiny.”

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