Sunday November 3rd, Elder Grover C. Brown, and the congregation of Friendship Primitive Baptist Church, celebrated their new home at 1213 West Blount Street during a Building Dedication Service with Elder Bernard C. Yates, Pastor of Zion Hope Primitive Baptist Church serving as the Dedicatory Speaker. The West Blount Street location was the former home of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church and Pastor LuTimothy May, who followed in the footsteps of his father Rev. Theophalis May the founding pastor of the church.


The church was packed with members of the three churches celebrating the growth of rising new young spiritual leaders in the city of Pensacola moving to new locations in inner-city urban areas.


Elder Brown, formerly a deacon at Zion Hope Primitive Baptist succeeded Elder Zebedee Nicholson as Pastor of Friendship Primitive Baptist Church a year ago, and Rev. May moved Friendship Missionary Baptist Church to the Brownsville community four months ago.


Elder Yates, the National President of the Primitive Baptist Convention USA, Inc. provided an electrifying dedicatory sermon for one of his member churches that followed the Zion Hope Choir’s exhilarating gospel song presentations.


Yates, who is known for his exciting and stimulating sermons shouted, “Let this house be baptized in praise!” following his solo of “I Love The Lord” backed by the Zion Hope Choir as the church bathed itself in holy invigorating song, worship, and praise.


The sermon focused on the story of the four men bringing their friend stricken with palsy to hear Jesus preaching to an overcrowded house. Yates preached of how the young men climbed on top of the roof of the house and lowered their friend down into the room where when Jesus saw the strength of their faith, He forgave the sick man of his sins and healed him of his palsy and told him to get up and walk.  Elder Yates’ message was, “Stand in the gap and be creative to get people to Jesus.”


The message was significant as it helped to frame the exciting and creative ministries of urban inner-city churches in the Pensacola/Escambia County communities fighting poverty, disinvestment, the violence of Black-on Black crime, and economic discrimination with grass roots outreaches building hope and pride in the future.

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