Pastor Rick Hawkins and Renowned Singer Wess Morgan Visits New Dimensions Christian Center



Sunday morning 10 am service at New Dimensions Christian Center  was high in spirit as Bishop Rick Hawkins delivered the Word to the parishioners and friends.  Along with Bishop Hawkins, Wes s Morgan was there to give the congregation a taste of his melodious gift from God.

High praise was at the top of the list and God’s glory began to shine in the building.  Pastor Hawkins delivered a dynamic message to all who listened intensely.

“Everyone that comes into your life is not necessarily your connection.  Some people always remain an associate and never become an assignment.  “But when you meet a divine assignment you know it,” said Pastor Hawkins.  Believe in the Lord your God so shall you be established and so shall you prosper.”

“It’s easy to get caught up in the ritualistic exercise of religion.  We must as the people of God posture and positioning ourselves in a place where we are filled with such anticipation of awaiting the Annunciation of God over our personal destinies and our personal purpose.  I’m here to tell you that God is about to do a thing in your life.  It’s gonna bring surprise to your soul.  I was thinking about how good God is this morning.  I wrote these words down that in precedence; God is supreme in production,” he preached.

“God is the spring and the source in purpose.  He is the sole end and the final objective.   God is in priority; He is sovereign and in status and power; He is the sustainer of your soul.  Finally, in preparation, He is the surprise for your spirit.  Surprises always are accompanied by an event called suddenly.  Yeah, when God does something suddenly it surprises you.  And you know many of us have prayed about things for very long periods of time and we keep on praying and we keep on believing and some of us, to the point that our faith becomes fatigued.  And, right at that point of letting go, God says boom and there it is and we’re shocked like we never prayed, to begin with. I came by to tell New Destiny [Dimensions] that some of the things you forgot about, God’s about to remind you of some of the promises you thought would never be fulfilled in your lifetime.  You are about to see for yourself.  God will do what He said He will do.”  As he continued on, many came to the altar to receive prayer and a prophetic word.

That evening, Wess Morgan brought not only great singing but great Word. “On fire for God, he gave his personal testimony. “ I’ve been delivered and clean from crack cocaine now for eleven years” To God be the Glory.”  “ When Jesus gives you a cup, you must drink from the cup.  Some people are given a bitter cup; some given a sweep cup.  If you drink from the cup given to you and not complain, He will pour the cup out on your enemies”, he said.  Morgan sang a variety of songs including  “You Paid it All,   Can’t Thank You enough, Lord you’ve been so good to me, Did you really think, and his most popular song “I choose to Worship.”

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