If you were looking for a down home old fashion Baptist good time, you should have been at Englewood Baptist Church on Saturday night at 6:00PM.  There they had ten different pastors along with some of their members come together to give a really phenomenal concert.  The concert started off with Pastor Larry Watson, Jr. who came in with a powerful, and melodious voice.   He and his brothers came together to break the ice and get people comfortable for what was anticipated.  They had songs of old and new that brought in the presence of God.  Once they warmed up the audience, the other pastors and everyone was excited and eager to continue to have church.


Pastor Ronald Sanders, of Rhema Word Baptist Church, followed Pastor Watson, and his  voice was big.  He sung one song, but that one song really built up the spirits of the people in the crowd.  Following him came Robert Lewis of Emmanuel Baptist Church and then E.L. Locke of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church who turned one of the most famous Negro Spirituals, “We Shall Overcome,” into a Gospel explosion by singing “Jesus Is Coming Back.”  That song caused every hand to rise in the church because that is the hope of our glory, to see Jesus return.


After that, Leon Rankin got up with his harmonious voice to increase even more the high praises to the Lord.  Apostle Bruce Gulley of Powerhouse came with his choir and sang with that anointed strength behind him.  Jerome Kidd, the Pastor of EL Bethel, enriched the congregation with his songs of praise and Pastor Charles Thomas of St. James Baptist Church flooded the house with his voice.  Finally Pastor John Smith of Ebenezer Baptist Church and Pastor David Johnson of New Tabernacle came on the scene and closed out the concert with their songs that hit the church to its core.  No one in that church cared about fight night on this evening.  It was solely about giving God all the praise.

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