Pensacola Celebrates 40 Years of Entertainment with Will Easley

By Jacqueline Miles

Will Easley makes no bones about being a home town boy from Pensacola.  “You’ve heard the saying a man is not welcome in his own home?  That’s not true for me,” he said. “Pensacola has always been good and favorable to me.  I enjoy coming home. “It feels great.”

Naturally, Will chose Pensacola to celebrate his 40th year anniversary in the business.  “
Where would I be Jacquie?”  He asked.  Growing up with his four siblings in Pensacola, he’s quick to reminisce about the days of growing up.

Will has traveled throughout the United States, playing in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York and various other places.  “I’ve not gone to the west coast as much but I’ve torn up this side.  I’ve seen it all,” he stated.

Easley, who writes most of his songs, says that on his next CD he will have a couple of songs written by someone else.  “Usually Pat and I write my songs but this time I’m going to use a couple of new artists.”      “My latest Your love Amazes Me was number one the blues network for four weeks;  ‘Wiggle When She Walks’ is going strong and Loop the Loop  seems to be another song people like.

Will stated that he want to say thank you to all of his fans that came up and gave him a hug and say thank you to him.  “It’s always good to come home and have someone come up to you.  I had a lady come up to me and say thank you.  I asked her for what– and she responded because of you I went home and called my mother, ending a bad relationship we had four years.  Your song ‘Your Love Amazes Me touched me so I had to call her,”  he said.

It makes me feel good when I can bring something to help people,” he said.  I’m just glad to be able to get up and just say I’m somebody.  I’m just Willie.  I’ll always be Willie until the day I die.”

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