Pensacola Celebrates the 4th at the Old Ball Game with the Blue Wahoos

(Pensacola, FL) – Tradition was at its best in Pensacola. Not even the rain parted the skies as the Blue Wahoos came onto the field to play a double header against the Generals Thursday the 4th of July.

The baseball game was rained out the previous night causing the team to play both games on the 4th.

Playing to a crowd of approximately 4500 plus, the Blue Wahoos lost both game to the Generals.

However, the loss did not top the fans from enjoying the hot dogs, pretzels, beer, wine and other condiments available.

Families participated in various activities including the sack hop race, chase the cockroach, sponsored by Critter Gitter, and a sing along to the song of ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame.

To make the evening complete, fireworks lit up the skies as children as well as adults cheered and ahhh’d as another 4th of July ended with a bang.

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