Pensacola gets a new look.

Last Wednesday, July 18, special guests were invited by Mayor Ashton Hayward to take a sneak peek at what will be the “new brand identity” for the City of Pensacola. The idea behind the new brand is: Everything that’s good about Florida is better in Pensacola. Standing before a crowd at the Saenger Theater, Mayor Hayward unveiled the new city logos and signage, which boasted modern minimalism in coral and sea-foam green coloring. Since 2000, Hayward informed attendees, the City of Pensacola has lost 3.9 percent of its residents due to strong competition among other cities in the southeast for talent, business and resources. To combat this problem, Hayward emphasized that having “a unified, more marketable brand,” allowing Pensacola to effectively “compete for jobs, investment, and tourism dollars on a regional, national, and international level…” “The ultimate goal is to raise Pensacola’s profile and better position our city for the future,” said Mayor Ashton Hayward. Hayward continued, “Over the past 18 months, we’ve had some great successes, but it’s time to elevate our efforts. We need to tell Pensacola’s story to the investors, decision-makers, and entrepreneurs that create jobs and investment.” Under the new City of Pensacola brand architecture, the city logo has been redesigned and further reinforced through new logos for city entities like Pensacola International Airport, the Port of Pensacola, and the newly-renamed Pensacola Energy (formerly Energy Services of Pensacola). Further bringing the brand to life, renderings of redesigned city assets include a new city gateway sculpture, water towers, city vehicles, print advertisements and a storytelling microsite featuring success stories from Pensacola residents. Timing for these rebranding projects, along with a comprehensive marketing campaign supported by advertising, public relations and social media, will be announced throughout the coming months.

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