Pensacola Golfer, Dorothy Johnson, Receives Prestigious Founder’s Award

(photo by Jeremie Samuel) Johnson practices her swing for the upcoming tournament at Stonebrook Country Club
(photo by Jeremie Samuel) Johnson practices her swing for the upcoming tournament at Stonebrook Country Club

BY: Jeremie Samuel

“I love to compete and always work to get better,” said veteran amateur golfer Dorothy Johnson in reference to her approach to the game. “To date, my lowest score is 70.”

Johnson has been playing the game since 1991. Subsequently, Johnson said most times than not, golf clubs can be found in her possession because she enjoys the game that much.

“They never leave the car,” Johnson reiterated.  “My motto is ‘have clubs — will travel.’”

On May 27, Johnson received the Founder’s Award at the African American Golfers Hall Of Fame in West Palm Beach, Fla.

“The award was given to African-American golfers who are really adamant about the sport,” she said.

She’s not only adamant, but passionate about the sport as well. The game of golf has given Johnson the opportunity to travel abroad to countries in Africa, the country of Vietnam and the state of Hawaii.

Johnson, who is a member of the Cypress Lakes Women’s Golf Club, has played in many tournaments and has even introduced local youth to golf in clinics. Johnson also plays with family and friends and has taught the game to her children and grandchildren. She encourages young African-Americans to tee up on the green.

“It’s a wonderful sport for minorities to get into,” she said. “For younger people coming along, it is something to look into.”

Johnson says she is currently reading Tigers Woods’ book “How I Play Golf” for his perspective and mental approach to the sport.

“Each day you go to the course, it plays different,” she said. “It’s really a mental game.”

In April, Johnson posted her latest victory at the 46th annual Pensacola Golf Tournament for Ladies Concluded Club. In January, she won the 2012 Dual at the Peninsula of the Golf Channel Amateur Tour. She is currently second in the Golf Channel Amateur Tour. Her next match is the Stonebrook Tournament at the Stonebrook Country Club in Pace, Florida.

“Can’t wait to get out there,” Johnson added with excitement.

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