Pensacola Graffiti Bridge Gives God Praise



20180401_163233Every Easter a brave soul goes out to Pensacola Graffiti Bridge to paint a mural that gives God praise, but before anyone can really see it within hours someone rushes down and paints over it. This year on Easter Day several people purposely drove down to the bridge and waited for the man who takes time out on this special day and actually paint the wall. After he was done, several cars stopped, drove slow, and pulled over to take pictures.
He started at 7:00 A,M. in the morning, and painted until about noon. With each stroke more and more people stopped to watch as he painted his sign on the graffiti bridge. The message was simple, but the story was all to familiar. It simply said He Is Risen, #PhonedownBibleup Hallelujah.
For thousands of years people have recognized the Risen Savior, and in their own way acknowledge that He is alive. But to actually see someone take time and declare it on the day when everyone acknowledges it at the same time brought Christians from all around the Gulf Coast who were fortunate to see it being done. As many of people them stood around in awe, many put down their phones and just looked at the mural and started to say “Praise God!” Other kept saying “Isn’t it beautiful?”
In a city where pretty much everything is still accepted it you could see the refreshing look on many of the people’s faces as people came up to see the bridge and just take notice that Jesus is still alive. Selah!

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