Pensacola Marches for Peace



By: Jacqueline Miles

Saturday evening approximately 200+ people of the community marched peacefully to bring attention to police brutality that’s been demonstrated in the past.  Marchers marched from downtown to the Courthouse and at the end of the march held three minutes of silence.

No group took specific responsibility as many organizations were included in the process of making this march take place.  The diversified group wanted to show that there could be unity in the city and violence was not part of the agenda.

In the past, there have been a number of police shootings of African American men.  “No one is excusing or condoning the behavior of shooting five police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge,” said Ellison Bennett.  “But unless law enforcement understands that they have some bad apples that are violating people’s civil rights, we cannot begin the healing process until everybody comes to a table of understanding and leave their prosomal feelings outside of the room.” He said.

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