Pensacola Mayor Leads Challenger by large margin in Pensacola Voice poll

Last Sunday evening, the Pensacola Voice conducted a telephone poll of 375 likely voters only to find that Mayor Ashton Hayward held at 51% of the votes leaving his challenger Donna Clark with only 20% of the vote with nearly 29% still saying they were undecided in the race.

During the survey participants also were asked whether or not they thought there were more employment opportunities than there were four years ago.
To that question, 48% said there were more opportunities and 27% saying the opportunities were fewer.  Those individuals who were undecided or needed more information came in at or about 25%.
The final question asked of the participants was whether or not they thought the city was going in the right direction?  The answers were 51% right direction, 24% wrong direction and 25% undecided as to their opinion of the direction of the city.
This survey was conducted using the interactive voice response method and has a margin of error of +/- 4.5% with a confidence level of 95%.
All phone numbers were supplied by the Florida Supervisor of Elections database of registered voters.  Only voter households with a voting score of 80% or higher were contacted.
With less than a week until the election, the most obvious change will be the elimination of the undecided vote upon election day.  Please do the research and find out more, if you have not voted yet, regarding your choice to vote for on Election Day.

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