Pensacola Native DeWayne Crocker, Jr. is a Finalist on BET’s Race to the Stage

Pensacola Native DeWayne Crocker, Jr. is a Finalist on BET’s Race to the Stage

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DeWayne Crocker, Jr., a Pensacola native from the Montclair area, made the top three rankings out of 15,000 applicants, this past Wednesday, August 12th, in the “BET Sunday Best: Race to the Stage” competition. The program is to be aired on national television on August 30th!  Race to the Stage is an online competition where fans can vote for their online favorite to win a chance to perform on the Sunday Best stage during the live finale.  Only the top vote getter will be invited to perform on the August 30th show.  Voting is allowed until August 26th at 12 noon EST.  Persons interested in voting need to go to by that deadline.  Crocker has his video performances on his Facebook site and Michelle Williams, of Destiny’s Child singing group fame, has also placed his videos on her Facebook site. As a result, both sites have generated over five million views spiraling Crocker’s celebrity into national competiveness!

Crocker is an 18 year old vocalist striving to achieve a career in music and attempting to simultaneously reach his generation through his musical talents. A major advocate for Crocker’s talent is Elrico Tunstall, CEO, of GLR Productions (based in Pensacola) who promotes the vocalist as having a strong soulful voice that is very inspiring.  Crocker has been singing since the age of 5 and began his career at the age of 13.

Within the next five years of Crocker’s career he desires to win Sunday Best: Race to the Stage, a Stellar Award, sign a solid record deal, release an extended play format of his music, and  follow-up with an album. Most of all, his goal is to minister to his generation with a new sound.  In an interview with the Pensacola Voice, Crocker stated that he wanted to send a message to his peers that, “You can be saved, fly, and still ok to love Jesus. You do not have to be on the streets to be cool.”!  He added these comments, “I receive feedback on how I have impacted people’s lives through my music videos.  I enjoy being able to touch their lives through my music which is also my ministry”.  Professional momentum seems to be with this young up and coming performer as his debut single “I Don’t Know” was released on all digital media outlets worldwide, on July 31st, under the distribution of TwentyTwo Recordings, a Division of Entertainment One.

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