Pensacola Network Celebrates Their 4th Year Anniversary




By Charles Davis III

On Friday, July 26th, the Pensacola Network hosted their  4th Year anniversary and monthly networking event at De Villiers Square from 5pm to 8pm. Co-founded by couple Robin and Llyod Reshard, the Pensacola Network is a new community organization that connects African American business owners, organizations, and professionals.  Sponsors of the Pensacola Network included Cox, Gulf Power, Magic 106.1, WEAR, and many more.

The Pensacola Network is not only for the gathering of likeminded intellectuals and peers but also for up and coming businesses and entrepreneurs. “We want to help anybody get started in their business and improve their business,” stated Llyod Reshard on anyone starting a new business.

Robin Reshard commented that people who are looking for employment and people who are in business looking for contracts, vendor opportunities and such can meet with board members, volunteers and information scholars to discuss plans and options. Both say it’s a mix of the corporate world, the community, and the college world coming together to create this.

Robin Reshard has also been selected as a USA Today 52 Great Americans of 2017 and it’s because of the consistent community work that has and continues to be done, that this national recognition has come to fruition. Robin also credits the team, that makes the Pensacola Network function, as a key part in this recognition as the Network continues to grow.

The youth of the community can also benefit from the Pensacola Network by sharing new ideas and attending these events as their ideas may help them with forming solid business plans. “We help teach young people who have ideas, and those who may even be young entrepreneurs, to broaden and expand their audience with this opportunity,” stated  Robin Reshard.

“It shows them the possibilities. It shows them the ranges of different careers and passions and how to turn that avocation into a vocation.” Reshard continued.

With their motto, “Connect people in strength and relationships”, the Pensacola Network is a networking association that also uses social media as a helpful tool but not the main tool. “It is a way of connecting but it doesn’t replace that face to face aspect. People want to see who their doing business with and while social media may be a useful tool, it also puts up this false perception of people.” says Robin.  “It’s a good tool but not the only tool,” she continued.

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