Pensacola United Fire Fighters Association Celebrates 2nd Annual Ball


Saturday evening at the Corrine Jones Community Center family friends and co-workers came to acknowledge Pensacola’s fallen police officer and firefighters and say thank-you to the United Fire Fighters Association.

“We got to recognize the people we count on every day,” said Capt. David Alexander. “Tonight I want to challenge you to make a commitment to support the men we call the first responders.” ”I believe these fire fighters don’t take their job lightly.”

Retired Chief THeodore Holmes keynote speaker for the evening began by first thanking everyone for supporting the firemen. He stated “We have a saying ‘All I am I owe and I live eternally in the red.’ When I joined the DC fire department in 1963, I had the occasion to look at a picture in a book and it talked about the Black Fire companies. I did not realize that Washington DC was the South. The book depicts the one fire company and one truck.” We went on to speak the process of advancement that required going to court for a fireman in order to open the door for others.

“There are shoulders we stand on. Every day there are people who paid the price for what we do now.”

“A person who does not read is no better than a person who cannot read. If you read 15 minutes a day, you can master anything. In a year’s time you can be an expert,” he stated. “Going back to the saying ‘All I am, All of you live in the red. You owe somebody something. Do not accept the letter paid in full until you have helped someone.

After the distribution of awards and scholarships, the crowd enjoyed an evening of music and dancing.


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