Pensacola Women’s March in Solidarity to Make their Voices Heard


The weather did not hinder women of the community from coming together Saturday morning to express their concerns and comradery in issues brought forth by our new President, Donald J. Trump.

Approximately 2,700+ people braved the weather in Pensacola and marched from De Luna Plaza though downtown Pensacola to the Martin Luther King Plaza in peaceful solidarity.

“The march was difficult, illuminating and motivating,” said Janet Sallis, organizer.

“When I looked out at the crowd and saw a variety of human flavors it gave me hope,” she said.

The march was one of six hundred marches that was conducted throughout the United States, including Washington D.C. where over 500,000 women gathered to voice their concerns and plans for further unity meetings.

When asked about those concerns and whether women were able to meet for this occasion, there was no doubt that the momentum would continue for a lengthy period of time, she responded, “We have an event that was organized in Pensacola strictly by FaceBook.  It made me realize that we can use social media.  This page is moderated by a group of people intentionally.  Our goal is to have a woman run in every seat that will be open in the election for 2018”.

“Most of us had never met each until this event took place.  Through social media we were able to raise $9,000 with the average donation being $30.”

“So to say we won’t last is not true.  We are planning meetings now and this will not be our last march,” said Sallis.

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