Pensacola’s Dogwood Dash takes participants throughout the Downtown Community

Twenty five years ago, Grace and Ted  Ruckstubls initiated the Dog Wood Dash Race at another parish. When they arrived at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, they decided to bring this event to the church as a fund raiser to help with the cost associated with the St. Joseph’s Clinic and the church’s caring and sharing ministry. “Although the race is twenty five years old, we (St. Joseph’s) have been doing the race for six years,” said Marion Williams.  “Runners begin their race at Spring and Government Street, head south to Main, turn left to Alcaniz Street and return to the church.  It is a5k run that is about 3.5 miles,” said Marion Williams.

“We also have a walk for those who have issues with their health,” said Williams.  We‘ve had as many as 500 – 600 runners.  This year despite the weather we’ve had about 200 runners,” he said.

After the run the runners are awarded plaques and medals and treated to a pancake breakfast.

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