Pensacola’s Mike Hicks Joins Successful Veteran-Owned Team to Win VA $25 Billion Consulting Contract


The recent award of VA’s Veteran Enterprise Contracting for Transformation and Operational Readiness (VECTOR) Contract in Service Area 2 (valued at an estimated $25 Billion) has been announced for Pensacola-based Hixardt Technologies, AGI International of Indianapolis, Indiana, and the Veteran-Owned technology consulting companies based in Pensacola, Florida of the EBI Management Group, KAMedData, along with additional AGI team members which include Macray Services and Solutions Washington D.C., Habits of Heroes North Carolina and Creative Management Staffing also of North Carolina.
The talent and geographical diverse team will manage the project branded as VECTOR. The project is a 10-year contract with six (6) Service Group Areas that have a contract ceiling of $25 Billion and will be utilized for consulting services nationwide by VA Headquarters, Veteran’s Integrated Service Network (VISN’s), and VA Facilities. The VA made 68 Prime Awards across the 6 Service Group Areas that included Management, Analysis, Training, Outreach, Supply Chain, and Human Resources.
Hixardt is also the lead business partner in the SOAR With RESTORE a public-private collaborative approved for Escambia County BP Oil Spill RESTORE workforce development funding. Mike Hicks’ company Hixardt is designated by the federal government as a Minority Disabled Veteran Owned Business and provides technology support to commercial and government clients. Many Black business development practitioners view Hicks as one of the leading Black-owned businesses in Northwest Florida and the Central Gulf Coast.
EBI Management Group is located in the Florida West Incubator in downtown Pensacola and is owned by CEO Mark Kilcawley (USN Veteran) and President Travis Goins (USAF Veteran). Hixardt Technologies is located in downtown Pensacola. KAMedData is located in the Cordova area of Pensacola and is owned by Niels Anderson (USN Veteran).

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