Pensacola’s Own Showcases Talent

If you were looking for a good gospel explosion to go to on this past Saturday night, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church of Pensacola was the place to be. Dewayne Crocker Jr., Craig Franklin, Shandra Moore, Evangelist Kendra Carr, and Pastor Felicia Bishop came together and ‘rocked’ a packed house.  Dewayne Crocker Jr. initiated the event to help raise funds for the youth at this church.  Although a fundraiser, the atmosphere was filled with praise and worship as though a church service was being conducted.  Each singer brought something special to the people as they began to worship God and surely the Presence of the Lord was there.

Dewayne Crocker Jr., who has been putting on concerts for the past three years, within the community, has brought popular singers into town such as Lisa Knowles, Le Andria Johnson, Earnest Pugh, and Kelontae Gavin.  However, this event was one of the most fulfilling events that was presented because it highlighted and recognized Pensacola’s own.  Pensacola certainly has many talented people that are truly anointed to sing, worship and glorify God.

Shandra Moore came on the scene with a sweet, melodious voice that captivated the audience from the start.  Pastor Felicia Bishop’s powerful voice lifted up the name of Jesus and the people joined in clapping their hands.   Craig Franklin’s smooth voice mellowed the audience which kept a spirit of worship flowing in the people.  Evangelist Kendra Carr, stepped in and took the people a little higher and Dewayne Crocker, Jr.  simply ‘set the house on fire’.   As each vocalist came to the microphone, worship rang true in the church.  Since the age of 18, Dewayne has honored Pensacola with his outstanding events.  If you want to hear good music that worships the Lord, be sure to check for the next exciting event.

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